martes, 8 de enero de 2013

Deaf Sentence

Julia, desde la EOI de Luarca, nos recomienda esta novela de David Lodge.
En inglés.

Deaf Sentence is a novel written by David Lodge, which tells the story of a retired linguistics professor, whose name is Desmond Bates. He has some difficulties is his daily life due to the fact that he has to wear a hearing aid since he is becoming deaf. Through the story, Desmond teaches us how "Deafness is comic, as blindness is tragic". As a result, he describes some funny situations and some unfortunate misunderstandings.
The author also describes to us, apart from other topics, how Desmond´s wife, Winifred, manages with his husband problems at the same time as she is so busy in her successful business, how Desmond is worried about his father, a 89-year-old person with hearing problems too, and who lives alone far from him, about some linguistics analysis or some historical aspects about the Eiffel Tower or Auschwitz.
This novel is worth reading since it is a thought-provoking, moving and funny novel, which you can't put down. So, I would recommend it to anyone who likes enjoyable novels.

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