martes, 26 de julio de 2011

David Lodge, my favourite author

David Lodge is my favourite English author. I have read all his novels and works and I think he is a must. Why? Because he is witty, his plots are hilarious and he has a neat vision of the academic world, not only from a literary point of view but also from a linguistic one.
The way he plays with language, the way he muddles up characters and the way he straightens plots up so that the reader meets fine endings is just awesome.
There is no void work by David Lodge; all of them, no matter if they are fiction, non-fiction or theatre, are bound to imprint further thoughts on the reader. When one finishes reading one of David Lodge’s books, one is already looking forward to grabbing the next one.
Impossible to put down, his books will make you travel from the 60s anguishing Catholic principles in The British Museum is falling down, through the 70s University campus lifestyle in Changing Places, to how one can cope with deafness in Deaf sentence.

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