jueves, 21 de julio de 2011

Tunnels, by Javier G.

Javier González, 14 años, nos recomienda leer Túneles, el primer libro de una serie de la que no se ha perdido ninguno hasta el momento, y lo hace en inglés.

Tunnels was written by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams. I’ve chosen this book because I am completely sure that when they make a film about it, it will be very successful, and it could take the place of Harry Potter, now that it is over, across cinemas. 

The book tells the story of two guys, Will Burrows and Chester Rawls, who discovered a city hidden in the earth, called ‘The Colony’. However, they became trapped by the Styx, the chiefs of the city. There, Will meets his biological family, who will help him leave The Colony and rescue Chester.
The story is set in current times, in The Colony, a city hidden in the earth, built by the Styx.

The protagonist is Will Burrows, a guy who was taken from The Colony and left in Highfield when he was a baby. In the story, he’ll try to escape from The Colony. Other main characters are: Chester, Will’s best friend, who became trapped by the Styx; Dr Burrows, Will’s adoptive father, now lost under the Colony; and Cal, Will’s brother and friend.

I like the book because it is the first part of a best-selling collection. The best part is when Will and Cal took the train to The Deeps, because the three most important characters finally meet.  

I recommend this book because it tells an exciting adventure in a very weird world.

To know more, visit the Tunnels website. And you can also join their channel on Youtube.

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