lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011


Continuamos con las recomendaciones sobre la serie Túneles.

En un post anterior, Javier González nos recomendaba leer el primer libro de esta serie, titulado Tunnels; ahora nos hace una audio-recomendación sobre el segundo libro de la serie, Deeper.

"This review is about the book Deeper, the second part of Tunnels, a book written by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams.

The book tells the story of three boys, Will, Chester and Cal, who nowadays have arrived at the Deeps, a group of caves used as a "prison" for the Styx, a group of strange and evil humans.
They try to find Will's father, called Dr Burrows.  The main characters are: Will, a boy who is looking for his father; Chester, his best friend; Cal, his easily frightened brother; Drake, a strange man from the earth's surface, and Elliot, a woman rescued by Drake years ago.

This is one of the best books I've read, and I strongly recommend it."

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