martes, 30 de agosto de 2011

The girl who played with fire

The Girl who played with fire is the second novel in the Millennium trilogy. Written by the Swedish writer Stieg Larsson, it is an international best selling thriller set in current Sweden.

The characters in this book are well-known to those who have already read the first one: journalist Mikael Blomkvist and the freelance investigator Lisbeth Salander. Now Lisbeth becomes the main suspect of a murder, a triple one, since her fingerprints are found on the murder weapon used to shoot three people on the same day. Of course, Mikael is determined to prove her innocence.
Shocked by the fact that two of the victims were colleagues of his, he works both on his own and with the police to discover the truth. Meanwhile Lisbeth, gone into hiding, is also making her own inquiries.

The character of Lisbeth is what makes this book strong, and not only this one but in general, Larsson's books, so different from other detective fiction works. Fictional investigators tend to be middle-aged males; however, Lisbeth is a girl, she's young and a computer whiz, whose background is unfolded in this sequel.

Not only is The girl who played with fire a book that you can't put down, but it is also in tune with our present society. In fact, if you are a crime novel lover, you can't miss the Millennium trilogy, it is a must!

Watch and listen to the first part of the audio book:


If you are interested in watching and listening to the other parts of the audio book, there are 49 more waiting for you on this Youtube Channel.

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