viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2011

Who's A. S. Byatt?

Ms Antonia Susan Byatt is an English writer and poet, born in Sheffield, 1964.

I do strongly recommend to read each of her works, masterpieces, from my point of view.
The first of the novels by this author that I grabbed was Possession, because it had won the Booker Prize back in the 90s, and at that time I was very keen on this prize; I still am, actually.

Possession became an obsession in my case. I couldn't put down this 511 page book at all. It completely wrapped me into the world of the unknown affair of two Victorian poets and the burning desire of two schollars with parallel lives for uncovering the truth.
After Possession, it was Still life, Angels and Insects, The Virgin in the Garden, or The Shadow of the Sun, all of them equally exquisite, perfectly written and fantastically plotted for readers not to be able to ever give this lady writer up.
If you want to find out more about her titles, visit her official website where you will also be able to search for more facts.

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